Mors: Between Morfina and Moskwianin

In my Polish-English dictionary, tucked somewhere between morfina (morphine) and Moskwianin (Muscovite), is the word ‘mors’ the English equivalent of which is ‘walrus.’ But, as with all aspects of translation (both literary and… Continue reading

Pearl in Emeralds: The Alhambra

So, I’m really lagging on updating my blog … I’m going to attempt to produce a steady stream of quick succession blog posts over the next few days. Wish me luck. So, almost… Continue reading

Last Weekend in Poland in 2013

On Friday, promptly after work, I will catch a bus from Jelenia to Vienna. 30-something hours later, I will catch a flight to Spain where I am spending a few days (including Christmas)… Continue reading

Dresden Days

Last weekend I spent a few days in Dresden, a city that was almost completely destroyed by bombs in WWII, left to sit in ruins for a few decades, and eventually reconstructed after… Continue reading

Polish Thanksgiving

Today is December 1st – which means that a) I have now been in Poland over three months, making this my longest stay away from home in 22 years and b) I have… Continue reading

Dublin? Why Not?

The 11th of November was the Polish National Independence Day (cue lessons on Independence Day celebration differences between the U.S. and Poland – spoiler alert: American Independence Day is the fun one). Shops… Continue reading

All Saints’ Day

Last Friday was All Saints’ Day, which meant that, in addition to having a blissful holiday off work, I was also able to visit one of the local cemeteries. For those who celebrate… Continue reading

Strange Things Students Say

He that ne’er learns his ABC, Forever will a Blockhead be. But he that learns theſe Letters fair, Shall have a Coach to take the Air. – The Royal Battledore, 1896 I’m compiling… Continue reading

Jazz and Cieplice

This weekend I stayed in Jelenia. On Saturday, Carolina and I went to a jazz concert at the city’s cultural center and on Sunday morning, everyone went to an open air market. The… Continue reading